As a result of the effect of industrialization and urbanization, the demand for green areas and the opportunities they provide has started to increase in urban areas where the structural and population density increases and green areas decrease. Because green areas offer various functions together in the ecological, economic and social areas, both to the citizens and to the city. The decrease in these areas in the city causes the city and its inhabitants to be unable to benefit from the functions they provide. At this point, solutions are being developed in order to prevent this situation in cities. One of these solution suggestions is "pocket park". Pocket parks are parks that are small and occupy an area of up to approximately 0.4 hectares in an unused or abandoned area. It forms a pocket in cities by staying between two walls of adjacent buildings or a wall. It improves the ecology and atmosphere of its environment. It allows users to contact nature and meet their recreational needs. In this direction, the concept of pocket parking is discussed in this paper. A literature study was conducted for the concept. At the same time, sample applications related to the study subject were examined. For this, the United States of America, where the world's urban population and construction is high, was chosen. Four of the pocket park applications made here were randomly selected and data were collected on design approaches, content and features.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Urban Green Spaces, Pocket Parks, Pocket Park Applications