Distinguished Researchers;

You are invited to the 10th International Congress on Architecture and Design (ADS) to be held in Istanbul  23-24 NOVEMBER 2024.

All kinds of multidisciplinary studies related to architecture and design will be accepted by our congress.

Including such topics as economy, digitalism, better working area, agile processes and high efficiency regarding production, design and presentations in compliance with new-age technologies when taking into account today's conditions, we aim to present the relationship between different disciplines and interdisciplinary interactions, to contribute to the private and public or academic associates following us through all kinds of papers to be presented in our congress in order to form a basis for future initiatives.

Many national and international participants will be with us and we will be glad to see you, our valuable friends who contribute to the scientific field and literature.

Hope to see you in the congress.

Prof. Dr. Abdulhamit AVAR

Istanbul Ticaret University Rector - Turkey

Congress Honorary Chair


Prof. Dr. Zeki ÇZMECOLU

Istanbul Ticaret University - Turkey

Congress Chairman





Prof. Dr. Tariq MUNEER

Edinburg Napier University - Scotland

Congress Co-Chairman