Dear Colleagues,

The 3rd International Architecture and Design Congress is organized ORP Consulting and Organization and Gebze Technical University Faculty of Architecture on 08 and 09 November 2019. A panel, three workshops, invited speakers will be held at GTU Faculty of Architecture N Block.

Our organization was announced at the beginning of December 2018 to national and international participants. All kinds of support and support for organization in terms of technical and business aspects of ORP Consulting and Organization.

The congress aims to make a scientific contribution to “the Production of Design knowledge" and "Design Culture". The theoretical-practical-strategic structure of design knowledge indicates the differention from other fields of science. At the same time, design knowledge needs to produce concepts from to its own field which should be considered as an independent information category. This category scientific and philosophical necessity, is revealed in both theoretical, practical and educational fields.

For this purpose, researchers and designers working in the fields of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design, Fine Arts-painting-sculpture-ceramic and design Departments, Media and Visual Arts, Communication Design, Graphic Design, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, City Regional Planning are expected to participate.


Best regards

Professor Dr. Nilay Cogun

Gebze Technical University Faculty of Architecture -Türkiye

Conference Chair