Hasan Fevzi GEN, Semra ARSLAN SELUK


Protection of cultural heritage is an activity that should be continued not only as preparing conservation projects but also after repair is completed. This long-term activity is possible with the efforts of people from many disciplines. The differentiation of professional disciplines brings the diversity of information produced and ensuring that the information can be easily accessed and understood by every stakeholder is a problem that must be resolved. In the last decade, adaptation studies of Building Information Model (BIM) systems, which have an important place in the AEC sector, for Cultural Heritage (CH) protection and management, have attracted the attention of researchers from many professional disciplines all over the world and described new research areas. In this paper, how the studies on the documentation and management of cultural assets are diversified is examined through a literature review and analyzed by using scientific mapping techniques. With the bibliometric analysis made for this purpose, 267 articles were accessed through the Web of Science Core Collection database. Selected articles were read and evaluated under five main headings. The aim of the study, the method used, the case study chosen, the tools used, and the new target areas of study were tried to be determined. In this way, it is aimed to determine the most accurate focal point for future studies by interpreting the network of relations.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Heritage Building Information Modeling, HBIM, Bibliometric Analysis, Scientific Mapping, Research Trends