Mustafa TAŞCI, Ercan Hamit OĞUZALP
All products have some stages like planning, design, and production. All these stages can be done by one person or more than one person. The stages of architectural products are carried out by very crowded design and production teams. Therefore, the chief architect should provide coordination. Divisions of labor and quality of every stage of production must be coordinated. One of the most important process of whole architectural production is building inspection. The main purpose of building inspection is checking whether the building processes are produced according to the approved projects. In Turkey, building inspection is carried out by designers and many institutions like municipalities and ministries. Before 2019, the inspection firm of a building was selected by building owners. This selection type brought some inspection problems. Imaginary controls, ignoring the irregularities were often seen. After serious complaints, the government has released a change of selection of building inspection firms. It has been decided that building inspection companies will be appointed by the ministry on the internet. In this study, the new building inspection firm selection system will be investigated. Interviews will be held with inspection firms, architects, engineers, municipality, and ministry authorities. The former system and the new system will be compared.

Anahtar Kelimeler: architecture, building inspection, quality