Afra Nur BOZKURT, Tomasz MALEC, Büşra Nur AYDIN
The aim of this study is to establish architectural programming and typology of building by analyzing the concrete and abstract values connecting students with the Student Union and the campus community. Understanding the needs of the users and activities are crucial for spatial organizations and architectural programming. In this report, scope of programming is defined to cover student union building design and its programming. Architectural programming is an advanced design tool supporting architectural design. Built buildings are often, mostly knowingly, constructed to fulfill particular needs. Architecture and architectural programming describe the starting point and end point of the project, which evolved together, in order to satisfy the demands and needs of users and clients. The students' diverse needs should be understood, and the technologies and inventions of today should be incorporated into the design program in case of the student union building project. Therefore, study's principal and most advanced approach is programming. Comprehensive analysis and thorough understanding produce the program. This research plan, as part of the report, is assessed and altered. This report uses both main and secondary data collection through; literature review, case studies, student survey and interview methods. In this report, the Student Union project's architectural programming, which serves as a community center in universities, will be created.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Architectural Programming, Educational Architecture, Student Union Building